What is Stock Trend and how to trade using it?

Generally stock trader gets trapped in stock market due to lack of technical knowledge. They listen to friends and rumors and buy those stocks. Students should remember that when news about a stock comes that is old news and when general stock trader buys that stock, generally he buys at high level. You can know over bought and over sold zone of any stock in "EOD page". So to avoid that student should do technical analysis which shows entry and exit point and what big investors and operators are doing. If they are buying then you buy the trend and when they start selling, you exit. In this page only over bought and over sold stock list is given. Use “EOD Chart” page to learn this trick. Before using this section read our disclaimer.

Disclaimer: This is only for our own students for study purpose and not a buy or sells recommendations. Analyze below stocks in EOD technical chart to study. Before using this section please consult your financial advisor and read our disclaimer.

Stock Technical Trend

Date : 17-June-2021
Bullish Stock

This section is only for ADVANCE TECHNICAL ANALYSIS TRAINING purpose, provides basic knowledge only for our clients. Others please don't use it. 


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Bearish Stock

 Watch "PIVOT CALCULATOR" page for stock pivot point.


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Stock in news--NA

Students those are interested in Stock Trading can learn and find the stocks which are in over bought and over sold zone. Over bought means (Maximum buying) stock is in higher level and profit booking may take place any time and these are Bearish stocks. Oversold position means (Maximum selling) stock is in lower level and any time buying may start and these are called Bullish stocks. Bullish trend and Bearish trend stocks which come under derivative segment are updated daily using Technical analysis charts, news and nifty trend. Students are advised to check stocks position in technical chart present in “EOD Chart” to learn how to choose stocks for positional trading.

Before using stock trend data find Trend of Nifty future in “Intraday” section as stock generally follows Nifty direction. If Nifty Trend is positive then watch “Bullish Stock”, in case of negative, watch “Bearish Stock” for safe investing. In case of sidewise movement or swing trade, trade cautiously with stop loss and trailing stop loss.

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