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Offer : Get 5 month FREE use for practice of our live Intraday Stock Screener. You can implement the strategy shown in training in live market to practice and learn quickly.

Till you get confidence you can directly call me on above number and clear your doubts regarding strategies shown in training, so training has no time limit. If you are serious to learn, want to become independent for life long, join us as there are limited seats.

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Our Trainees from different states sharing their experience..

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Scan using Google Pay, PayTm or Phonepe to Pay training Fees Rs. 2999/-. After payment Please Whatsapp snap shot, mail id and call us(9438303996).

  • Trainer-PULLIN (YouTube channel-STOCK TREND) - Only 13 videos, total 3.5 million views.The training material is completely different from youtube videos.
  • Most importantly you will learn how to protect your principal money and avoid loss at any condition (in case of news or trend change) because you can get chance every day.
  • Due to online course anybody from remote location also can learn from their home at their own time, helpful for working professional and House wife.
  • You will learn INTRADAY, POSITIONAL and SWING trading practical strategies and you can apply all practical strategies shown in the training in stocks, Future, Option, commodity and currency trading.
  • Learn use of Fibonacci retracement and Money management like how much is required for safe trading in Option, Future trading and why?
  • Chapter 1, 2 – Learn basics and advance knowledge about indicators for beginners with examples. Most importantly why to use and how to use to get trend, entry and exit point. Remember you will learn how to get it before market open.
  • Chapter 3- Many times market reverses its trend from middle. Why? Most option trader trapped here. Learn how to identify false trend before its formation and learn to know from which level it may reverse. Learn entry point and exit point. Learn how to apply in Intraday and positional trading with examples comparing different time interval. Plus learn 5 more strategies..........
  • Chapter 4- Learn how market moves in Bullish trend, what is Birth point and BOD pattern? How to know next bullish trend will happen, find perfect entry point and importantly find exit point much before. Examples have shown comparing 5, 15 and 1 hr time interval to clear concept. How to get all big points not small points. Learn how to identify range market and swing market much before to avoid premium and time value loss in option trading. Plus learn 4 more strategies........
  • Chapter 5- Learn how market moves in Bearish trend, what is Death point and SOR pattern? How to know next bearish trend will happen, find perfect entry point and importantly find exit point much before. Examples have shown comparing 5, 15 and 1 hr time interval to clear concept. How to get all big points not small points. You buy Put option when market is in over bought zone but market moves further upward, you get trapped, why? Plus learn 4 more strategies.......
  • Chapter 6- You have seen a lot of YouTube videos but think practically why still your stop loss gets hit? Learn where to place your stop loss in Option, future or in stocks so that small stop loss will not get hit. Learn stop loss in Options plus 3 more strategies............
  • Chapter 7- What is BN pattern, break out or break down pattern? In second half market suddenly moves or change trend, how to identify much before and get all points. Sudden trend change is not due to Europe market open. Learn 3 more strategies.............
  • Chapter 8- What is Gap up and Gap down strategies. Examples shown how to trade and get points in initial 5-10 min. Why and when not to use Option trading? Learn 2 more strategies.............
  • Chapter 9- You will get chance to trade every day, so first learn strategies how to protect money and avoid loss at any condition. Learn more strategies used in Option, future and stocks.
  • Training material- Tutorial training video. Language- Hindi (with ENGLISH Subtitle)
  • Please Call on below number to know syllabus in detail or what you will learn in this course.
  • Price - 2999/- (Think once-This price is less than you suffer loss in single trading day)
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