Future and Option trading using Nifty future live chart

Free Check accuracy for one month of our Nifty and Bank nifty technical Trend posted in below links daily before market open @8.45AM and learn Technical Analysis.

Niftytrend.in brings you the most advanced and featured NIFTY live technical chart. Now online traders can trade nifty future live from office or anywhere using 5 min, 15 min, hourly and 1day time interval. In lower section of this page you can find simple trading strategies in Option trading and Future trading to earn money using Nifty future live chart.

Stock Market Strategy for Beginners

In below Technical chart add indicator like Bollinger band, Stochastic and change Bar’s style(find Drop down near Gear symbol) from “Candlestick pattern” to “Heikin Ashi” pattern to better understand technical trend? But, use Candle pattern during live trading as “Heikin Ashi” candle forms much after live price.

Disclaimer- This page is only for our clients and for educational purpose only. Please refer your financial advisor. Below chart shows next month Nifty future price in expiry week.

Add indicators like Bollinger Bands, MACD, Moving Average and Stochastic to learn or trade technically.

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How to trade online futures and options using Nifty future live chart from office to earn (Simple trick)?

Below mentioned simple trading strategies are best suitable for day trading and for online traders. After adding indicators like Bollinger bands, MACD, Moving average and Stochastic in above technical chart change the time interval to 1h (Hourly chart). Now watch 3rd section of above chart which is called “Stoch” or Stochastic. Simple trick for Nifty future trader – First know the support, resistance and sentiment or technical trend of Nifty posted daily in “Intraday page”. If trend is positive then try to buy Nifty when stochastic line is below 20 levels. This level is over sold zone and buying point. Wait for stochastic level to reach above 80 to sell. Similarly if trend is negative mentioned in intraday page then short sell Nifty if stochastic is above 80 level and wait for stochastic level to reach below 20 to buy nifty for profit. Please use stop loss and trailing stop loss while trading. Trade virtually or paper trade before actual trading.

Simple trick for Nifty Option trader

Lets first know in short what Option trading is before going to option trading strategies. Two types of Options are there. “CALL” option and “PUT” option. If you know Nifty may move up then Buy “CALL” option and if Nifty moves up then you would get profit. If you know Nifty may move down then buy “PUT” option and if Nifty moves down then PUT option value will increase and you can get profit. So both in positive and negative market you can make profit. Always try to buy “At the Money” CALL or PUT option means if Nifty is @9500 then try to buy CALL or PUT of 9500 strike price. Before doing online option trading please consult your financial advisor for more knowledge. Trick- Trading options is very profitable and tricky. This trick is only for day trading. First know the intraday sentiment or technical trend of Nifty in “Nifty trend today” page and now you can get overall idea. After adding mentioned indicator in the chart watch “Stochastic” section in the chart, change time interval to 1h (hourly). If nifty trend is positive in nifty trend page then buy CALL option when stochastic line is below 20 and sell when stochastic is above 80. Similarly if Nifty trend for today is negative then buy PUT option when stochastic is above 80 and sell it for profit when stochastic is below 20. Please use stop loss and trailing stop loss while trading to protect your investment funds.

How to study Technical chart?

Add indicators like Bollinger Bands, MACD, Moving Average and Stochastic to learn or trade technically. Chart shows next month Nifty future price in expiry week.
In the chart 1st section is called candlestick pattern. In this part price moves in a closed boundary that is called lower and upper Bollinger band. Watch when price touches any of the boundary trend reversal occurs. So Bollinger boundary gives us limit of price movement and trend reversal point. Use LIVE CHART section to study technical chart and uses of MACD, Moving averages, STOCHASTIC and BOLLINGER BAND.

Moving averages like short term and long term moving averages are used in technical charts to determine trend. Two lines crossing each other inside Bollinger bands are called moving average. When short term moving average line cross long term moving averages upward, trend becomes bullish and incase of downward cross trend becomes bearish. So this gives trend. MACD-moving average convergence divergence. This is the crossover of short and long term moving averages. Watch and compare MACD with candle stick direction in 1st section, when cross over takes place in upward direction in MACD, stock moves upward and in reverse stock moves downward. Also watch the buy volume and sell volume bar in MACD increases and decreases with stock movement in bullish and bearish trend.

Last section is called stochastic. It shows the overbought and over sold zone. When stochastic is below 30, it is called over sold zone and any time buyer can take control and stock may move upward. When stochastic is above 70 levels then this is called over bought zone and any time selling pressure or profit booking may come. Study these 3 sections and compare with each other to get clear trend of stock. Paper or do virtual trade to practice .Learn candlestick pattern and use with technical analysis to get better result.