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Date : 17-January-2020
Technical Trend

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9.20 am alert- Indusind bank and SBI drag Bank nifty down today. Use Gap down strategy (Chapter 8)

BANK NIFTY TODAY- 8.45 AM- Bank nifty (spot) Daily Technical Chart  pattern indicating Bank nifty formed a DP technical pattern and closed below 15 DMA which is regarded as negative. Now in micro level Bank Nifty today closed below 61.8% false level. So Bank nifty today may open near 31775 and try to hold above it. If unable to hold then may test 31704 and 31646 in downtrend(use chapter 5 SOR strategy). Watch there is a BN pattern formation(chapter 7 strategy shown in Online Advance technical analysis training) in micro level. Expect swing market Option trader should use chapter 5 and 7 strategy to find trend, perfect entry point and trade for small points. Watch if Bank nifty sustains above 31775 then Bank nifty may bounce towards 31940 to make break out pattern(chapter 7) and may move further up towards 32097. Here trend is updated for whole day before market open, so in case of any news or sudden trend change in middle, Option & Future trader should use chapter 9 shown in  Advance technical analysis training to avoid loss and protect principal amount at any condition as you can get chance to trade everyday. Track Nifty Trend today 

Support & Resistance


Bank Nifty Today Pivot Point- 31845

Bank Nifty  Today Support is at 31775, 31704, 31646, 31550

Resistance is at     31985,  32097, 32137

Other Important Pages

Trick Bank Nifty Future and Bank Nifty Option Chain trader

Bank Nifty future and option chain trader totally depends upon Bank Nifty trend. With out trend you can't decide to buy or short. Nifty or Bank nifty. Online trader can Bank Nifty Options chain trader loose lot of money as premium and time value due to difficulty in finding technical trend.So you can get Bank Nifty today Trend before market open. Also get Bank nifty future intraday trend to learn technical analysis. Also you can take our Online Technical Analysis course video to learn. In case Option segment if the trend is positive then buy “CALL” option and watch the support and resistance mentioned here for next trend and your entry and exit point. In case negative trend Buy “PUT” option and wait for support levels to exit or hold.

Use news sections in Nifty Trend Today page to know the upcoming important financial events worldwide which can impact Nifty and Bank nifty trend. Day trader and Positional trader generally use upcoming important events to make strategy. Example- Before RBI policy, election or any important financial event Nifty generally rally. So if you can know event date much before then you can participate and make profit. In case of day trading if you know today’s financial event which can change trend off stock market then you can Hedge your position or avoid trading and protect your fund from volatility.

What is Bank Nifty Future and why to Track Bank Nifty Today?

Bank Nifty today trend is updated in this page daily before market open @ 8.45 AM for our Bank nifty future and Bank nifty options trainees to learn. You can find free bank nifty future trend, support and resistance levels of Bank nifty and do Bank nifty option chain analysis.

Bank nifty comprises of 12 most large capitalized stocks from Indian Banking Sector. Bank Nifty index share is almost 26% of Nifty. Bank nifty has the highest weightage in Nifty. So in case of any news on Bank nifty, it has strength to change trend of Nifty. Bank Nifty future has lot size of 20. Bank Nifty future trend is always volatile so with out getting proper technical Analysis Training it is difficult to find trend and with out trend you cannot take decision to go for buy or sell Bank nifty future or in Bank nifty option chain. Bank Nifty Option Chain trader loose more money in premium and time value due to not getting perfect trend. Also without perfect trend it is difficult to find perfect entry, exit point and where to give stop loss. Check our accuracy for one month and then decide to join our e-Training on Technical Analysis online.