How to do Fundamental Analysis of Indian stocks?

Most people prefer to do Fundamental analysis of stocks or prefer to do investment in fundamentally good stocks due to unavailability of time and complexity of Intraday trading. In this page we will elaborate how you can fundamentally analyze a stock value.

In Fundamental Analysis of stocks we try to know about company’s future based on a scrutiny of its financial statement. This gives a clear picture of future earnings of the company.

Type of Financial Statement

  1. The Income Statement
  2. Balance sheet
  3. The cash flow statement

In below Fundamental Analysis Screener you can find performance, valuation, dividends, income statement and balance sheet of stocks in left corner of the screener.

Other Important Pages

How stock price will increase?

Using this screener let’s say you found TCS Balance sheet, performance and dividend is good. This shows if a company is giving good dividend then company must have good earnings. So this indicates fundamentally strong. Equity investors will like to invest in those companies. This will increase the demand of that stock and supply will remain constant. So price of that stock will rise.

In Fundamental Analysis try to watch company management strength, historical financial data, present financial data and future data (Order flow). So always try to invest in top (Nifty50) companies as they are fundamentally strong. If you want to invest in small cap or Mid cap segment then find good mid cap company list in below page and do fundamental analysis.