Free Check accuracy for one month of our Nifty trend Today and Bank nifty trend today future and option chain technical Trend posted below daily before market open @8.45AM for our trainees to learn. Check how trend, entry and exit point can be known much before by using advanced technical analysis. Then decide to join Online Advance Technical Analysis Course. Also watch what our Trainees from different states say about this course.

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Date : 20-February-2024
Technical Trend


This page is only for our trainees for study purpose, provides knowledge on Technical Analysis to find trend. Others please don't use it for trading as you don't know strategies.    


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NIFTY TREND TODAY- 8.45 AM- - Nifty today (spot)  1 Day Technical chart pattern indicating Nifty short covered and closed near upper Bollinger. Now calculate technically Nifty is closed near which false level? So for precaution before market open calculate false levels from 24th January low in 1 day chart  by applying chapter 3 false level strategy as shown in  Online Advance Technical Analysis Training . Now much before opening of market you can know that Nifty bounced and closed above false level which is supportive for market but due to over bought zone in 1 hour expect minor technical profit booking. So Nifty today may open flat negative near 22100 and may test 22060 level. Here expect sideways move to consolidate and watch if Nifty regains 22100 level then may bounce towards 22188. Be careful below 22060 as Nifty can slip towards 22000.  Now use free live Nifty, Bank nifty and stock breakout telegram live alerts for live practice and quick learning. Learn how trend can be known much before and how  "BOD", "SOR" and BN strategy works in live market. Watch BANK NIFTY TREND Today trend.

 Please evaluate your trading skill in below 10 points before taking training.

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Support & Resistance

Test Unique Nifty levels today(Support and Resistance) which you can't find any where. Check

NIFTY LEVELS TODAY -  Support  is at            22060, 21978, 21923

NIFTY LEVELS TODAY -  Resistance is at         22188, 22235, 22300 





Test Your Trading Skill in below 10 points to evaluate yourself before taking training

1. Are you taking small point in case of profit but waiting for big point in case of loss?( This is because you are unable to know exit point much before)
2. Without reason nothing happens. So before market open are you able to know reason behind each day movement?
3. Are you able to identify break out/break down much before?
4. Are you able to identify false trend or sudden trend change from middle? This false trend traps 95% option traders.
5. Are you able to identify range or sideways move much before to avoid premium and time decay in options?
6. Are you doing a lot of trade in intraday then simply you lack clarity and unable to find clear trend?
7. Are you losing more times and gaining less? Means you don’t have any strategy to protect the principal amount. You can get chance in every hour but if you lose all then without money you can’t trade.
8. Are you taking tips but still losing then do not run behind money. Learn correctly and money would be the by-product.
9. You have seen a lot of YouTube videos and thousand strategies then why still you are losing? You know theoretically but learn how to use it practically? You should rethink and rework on your Technical trading skill.
10. Is trading psychology affecting your trading decision? This is due to less confidence.

Other Important Pages

How to Analyse Nifty Future Today trend with Nifty Levels today?

One common thing in market is stock or Nifty either move up (Bullish), move down(Bearish) or move sideways. Means maximum three technical pattern (not candle pattern) it will follow. So you have to remember only 3 technical pattern. Let’s say Nifty is moving up. So first know concept why Nifty is moving up? Simple answer is FII/DIIs or FPIs are entering and buying. So there Break out or Bottleneck Bullish pattern will be formed. This type of pattern helps in applying “ZERO to HERO” Option strategy in expiry. Similarly, if they are selling then they will make Break down pattern or Bottleneck bearish pattern. So using these patterns trader can know Nifty trend today or Nifty future today trend much before. Knowing trend before helps traders to take perfect, correct trade and avoid trap. In above table trainees can get free Nifty trend today and Nifty levels today. Read before 8.45 am every day to know how Nifty trend can be known much before.

Generally, traders use pivot point or indicators to calculate Nifty support and resistance but that is based on formula. But news and emotions play a major role in deciding trend. Effect of emotion can’t be calculated by indicators or support resistance calculator. So here manual human analysis is required. That is called Advance Technical Analysis. Nifty Levels Today updated here you can’t find anywhere and you can feel that in actual market these levels are working. Check for 30 days.

Working professional generally get less time but here trader can use our 5 min Nifty and Bank nifty break out and breakdown screener alerts where they get alert when FII/DIIs enter and make a Breakout and down pattern. This helps in saving time. They can learn free strategy video in lower section of home page in and join alerts to apply strategy and learn in live market. Anybody can call or WhatsApp on above number to clear any technical doubt.

Why People lose money in Nifty Option trading?

In Nifty Option trading 95% traders generally get trapped and lose all money due to 2 reason. First – Range or sideways market decays the premium and time value. New traders fail to identify it much before.

Second- “False trend” where Nifty forms 2 green candle but suddenly reverse from middle. This triggers stop loss. But most trader think that operators are doing it or my luck is bad. So think can we identify and avoid these two pattern much before its formation? Answer is YES. How?

First answer- Generally sideways or range market happens before formation of “Bottleneck pattern” (Bullish or Bearish). So you can easily identify it and avoid trap. In our screener alert you can avoid sideways or range market as it gives alert only when breakout forms. So no need to watch chart always.

Second Answer- Applying “false level strategy” you can identify false trend much before its formation and also you can know from which level it can reverse. So traders can avoid trap. In trading if you can’t know trend and identify false trend then it is next to impossible to earn money. Without false level strategy you will see two trade small profit and then a big loss. This is due to false trend.