Live Silver Technical Charts brings you the most advanced and featured live technical chart. Trade live with 1min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min and 1day time interval in different contract like Gold, Silver, Crude, Natural Gas, US DOLLAR, Forex. In this page commodity trader can find Silver future chart, Silver future live price with daily and weekly chart pattern. Silver trader can use Simple "Heikin Ashi" strategy to know overall trend and trade or make trading strategies to make profit. Find simple commodity trading strategies in below section to know right time to invest in Silver.

Trading in commodities

Silver trading strategies

Silver futures trader should use ‘Daily’ interval to know overall trend. Then for day trading they should use live 30 min, 1hour interval technical chart to trade. Change the ‘Bar’s style’ to “Heikin Ashi” candle(Last drop down in the chart header). Heikin Ashi is a candle pattern which shows what exactly traders, operator and big investors are doing, buying or selling? If they are buying then you also buy and in case of selling you also sell. Trade the trend. Green candle indicates traders are buying and red candle indicates traders are selling. So when Green candle is formed buy till red candle is formed. Similarly in down trend sell when red candle is formed and hold position till green candle is formed.

Watch 3rd section in the chart which is called ‘Stochastic’. Watch when stochastic line is below 20 level markets is in lower level. This is called oversold position and any time trend may change to upward trend. So when stochastic level is below 20 this is your buying point.

When Silver future chart’s stochastic line is above 80, market is in over bought zone which is high level. This is your selling point. So using ‘Heikin Ashi’ candle and stochastic line you can know what online trader are doing and what your entry and exit point is. Use this method in 30 Min, 1 hour and Daily interval to get better result.

In India people buy Silver during marriage but lot of people invest in Silver. Generally trader and people who do investment in Silver don’t find perfect time to buy Silver. People and trader those who buy Silver bars or do investment in Silver can use the above simple commodity strategies to buy Silver at low price and sell Silver at high price. Set time interval as “D” means Daily in the above chart. Each candle stick represents one day. When stochastic is below 20 means Silver is near low level and invest or buy Silver Bars at that time and incase stochastic is above 80 means Silver is near high level and exit from there. Use the above simple trick for short term. For Long term investment use “Weekly” interval in the technical chart to know buy and sell level of Silver.

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How to study Technical chart?

In the chart 1st section is called candlestick pattern. In this part price moves in a closed boundary that is called lower and upper Bollinger band. Watch when price touches any of the boundary trend reversal occurs. So Bollinger boundary gives us limit of price movement and trend reversal point. Use LIVE CHART section to study technical chart and uses of MACD, Moving averages, STOCHASTIC and BOLLINGER BAND.

Moving averages like short term and long term moving averages are used in technical charts to determine trend. Two lines crossing each other inside Bollinger bands are called moving average. When short term moving average line cross long term moving averages upward, trend becomes bullish and incase of downward cross trend becomes bearish. So this gives trend. MACD-moving average convergence divergence. This is the crossover of short and long term moving averages. Watch and compare MACD with candle stick direction in 1st section, when cross over takes place in upward direction in MACD, stock moves upward and in reverse stock moves downward. Also watch the buy volume and sell volume bar in MACD increases and decreases with stock movement in bullish and bearish trend.

Last section is called stochastic. It shows the overbought and over sold zone. When stochastic is below 30, it is called over sold zone and any time buyer can take control and stock may move upward. When stochastic is above 70 levels then this is called over bought zone and any time selling pressure or profit booking may come. Study these 3 sections and compare with each other to get clear trend of stock. Paper or do virtual trade to practice. Learn candlestick pattern and use with technical analysis to get better result.